Hello Jesus Physical CD

Hello Jesus Physical CD


Physical copy of “Hello Jesus” album by GodFrame in a 4-panel cardboard wallet.

Released: August 10th, 2018

Tracklist & Credits:

  1. Begin (feat. John C. Richards Jr.)

  2. Hello Jesus

  3. La Vida Libre (feat. Meghan Rice)

  4. I’m Alive

  5. Forever Always (feat. Chadaé)

  6. Be Anything (feat. A. Cheatham)

  7. King of Hearts

  8. Aquafina

  9. Wait on Jesus (feat. Jarrett Perry)

  10. Padré

  11. Home (feat. L.DeJuan, Amaris)

  12. Castle Makers (feat. Julianna Pickens)

  13. This Love

Executive Produced by GodFrame
Mixing Engineer: Preston “Prizzie” Reid
Mastering Engineer: Jason Stephens
Artwork: Marken Media Co.
Photography: Nick Hattings

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