Behind the Song "King of Hearts" (Making Hello Jesus)

King of Hearts.

This song is very dear to my heart. I've been working on it off and on for at least 6 or 7 years! LOL. I've got about 10 versions of it, each a different style (because I'm a perfectionist and just couldn't create a vibe I was happy with) -- but with the same lyrics. The rap vocals are actually the exact same audio files I recorded in my dorm room in college lol. Now I know I got the right feels for this song. Super excited to finally share it on a project.

Here's a little teaser of the lyrics:

I’ll admit it - I’ve hurt some girls in the past
I did it - hit it and quit it - the shoe fits and I’m in it - let’s get it
And I’m so open, I’ve got no problem exposin’
What I thought I was supposed to be, but I do not boast of me

I’m not really proud of the way I used to get down
And I’m not taking a bow or looking for cheers in the crowd
‘Cause these gals have been deceived by dudes who only seem nice
Tell ‘em everything they wanna hear to get the heat right

Get ‘em all excited ‘til they just can’t fight it
Got a fire - get it lighted - and the parents ain’t invited
I’ve been there - feelin’ like the King of Hearts
Stealin’ all the light from the girls ‘cause I was in the dark

But then I met a man - turned me to a gentleman
Told me how to treat a lady right and keep it in my pants
Christ turned me around - gave me another chance
The King of Kings giving love to the loveless

Enjoy the video!