GodFrame Releases New Hello Jesus Album Trailer


Making way for his August 10th Hello Jesus project release, GodFrame revealed a new album trailer on his YouTube channel today.

The video features GodFrame alone in an empty field, carrying what appears to be a ball of fire that has been ripped from his own chest. He explains, "The song in the video is called Castle Makers - and the whole premise is centered around idolatry. 

The lyrics were born of my frustration with people (including myself) bragging about how amazing their jobs, opportunities, vacations, gifts/talents, churches, and pastors were - while rarely giving God praise. This is a pretty common thing on social media. And it’s a very dangerous thing when we begin to worship the stuff we can touch with our hands more than we worship our God. The Lord is clear about this in Exodus 20:3 when He says, “Thou shalt have no others gods before me.”

I hope this song reminds believers that the things on this earth are only temporary. Everything we possess will one day turn to dust. Our hope shouldn’t be in people, places, or things. Our hope should be in Christ Jesus and the promise that He will return one day and make all things (new heaven + new earth) brand new again."

Hello Jesus is now available for pre-save on Apple Music and other platforms here: smarturl.it/hellojesus



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