GodFrame's New Single "Aquafina" Goes Deeper Than The Surface


Atlanta, Georgia - March 29, 2019 - After addressing the tough topics of cyberbullying and suicide in his latest music video to “Forever Always” feat. Chadaé, Atlanta-based hip hop artist GodFrame returns with a more cheerful single “Aquafina.” The song premieres today, Friday, March 29th.

GodFrame's self-produced track devises a catchy up-tempo vibe with bouncing synth bass lines, thick drums, and melodic vocal cadences somewhat reminiscent of the artist’s new home base in ATL. Although not typically known for his wordplay, the artist uses “Aquafina” to invite listeners to look deeper than the popular beverage brand.

He says, “I’m always looking to be on mission with my music. It’s such a powerful communication tool, it makes me not want to waste any bars. So even though this track is fun and catchy, I wanted to embed some truth - I’ve never been good at rap metaphors anyway.” He continues, “ The whole point of the song is that while there are many pleasures, vices, and temptations in this world that temporarily satisfy - we can only find lasting love and fulfillment in Christ. He’s our living water.”

A closer listen to Aquafina reveals encouraging and challenging lyrics around topics like substance abuse, self worth, and abstinence:

“...God made you so you are way too special
to just let any guy / get in between your thighs.
I see it in your eyes / you know you were made to fly.
Guard your heart and mind / all those dreams you’ve got inside.
He created you for greatness / don’t you waste it
for a good night…"

The artist who released his album Hello Jesus in August 2018 hopes this follow-up single will entertain listeners while making a positive impact on their hearts. “Aquafina will always be one of my favorite songs. First, it makes you bop your head - but then when the lyrics hit you it’s like whoa man he’s speaking some real truth.”



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