Jensen's First Haircut | VLOG 029


Happy Monday : )

Can you believe it's 2019!? Ahh!!! I hope your holiday was (and/or is...?) amazing. I definitely appreciated the time off both from my day job and my creative endeavors on the side. It was awesome to take a deep breath, relax, eat wayyyy too much junk food, and kick it with the fam. I think it's important to have a healthy work/rest rhythm - something I haven't done very well these past few years. You definitely come away with more clarity and direction (amongst other thing).

One of the things I became clear on was the direction I wanted to go with my (almost)-weekly vlogs. I go into more detail on this in today's vlog, but when I first started putting these out, I didn't have much of a clear direction. First I tried doing highlight videos, but then those made me bored and I felt like I wasn't saying anything or helping anyone. Then I tried incorporating devotional video snippets in the middle of each vlog, but after a while that didn't feel natural. Seemed more like a commercial break interruption than anything. I prayed about it for a few months, brainstormed some new concept/format ideas, but in the end just ended up stuck again - and if you know me personally, you know I HATE that stuck feeling. I try to be a man of action, forward movement.

That's when I realized that my real motivation all along had been clout. I'd seen dozens of other family vloggers who's YouTube channels had blown up, gained millions of subscribers, and allowed them to quit their jobs to do YouTube full-time. And I wanted a piece of that fame. YouTube notoriety had become an idol in my heart.

Now I'm more clear than I've ever been (although I still have a long way to go). What I'll be using these vlogs for in the future is...well you're just gonna have to watch Jensen's First Haircut vlog to find out hahahaha. It's a long one, but i promise it'll explain everything. Plus, I left a special little message for Jensen at the end that I think you'll enjoy.

Looking forward to sharing more thoughts, prayers, and content with you.

Have a great week!



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