4 Ways God Loves Us


1 Samuel 16:7 tells us that God sees our hearts. Well, that’s a conundrum, because I know my heart has carried some garbage in it, and hidden some hateful things I’ve done over the past 25 years, and right there in Jeremiah 17:9 it says our hearts are deceitful, and beyond cure. Our hearts, MY heart, is stuck in the rotten landfill I’ve put it through.

As a girl, and into my adulthood, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, and honestly, most of them I don’t like, let alone love. I want to wrap myself in my security blanket of self-doubt, self-hate, and self-loathing, and trust me, no one can criticize me the way that I can.

David Crowder’s version of “How He Loves” makes me cry, okay, it makes me WEEP every time I hear it, because even when I do love myself, I hear those lyrics and know that God loves me in an immeasurably more way than I can ever dream.

So, how does God love us?

1. He Loves Jealously

In the Commandments God laid out for Moses to bring down from that mountain, He told Moses that there would be no other God’s before Him, because He is a jealous God.

Real life, I’ve been left. My earthly, biological father wasn’t ready for fatherhood, and left my mama and me a long time ago. I have been left by past boyfriends. I’ve been left out of friendships I thought would last a last time. Humanity has its ways, and God has let me forgive these people, but before all of that, I had to realise who would never leave me, nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5).

BUT GOD (listen, when the Bible says “But God” it’s about to be some big news, and that’s no different than when people share their testimonies today) has seen me in my dirty, messy life, and not only has He never left me, HE IS JEALOUS FOR ME.

That means that when Satan is trying to get my attention, and flirt with me, God is like “Um, excuse Me, she came to this party with Me!”

 2. He Loves Sacrificially

 God gave His only Son (John 3:26).

I’ve never been a mama, but I have sure loved some kids I’ve helped raise. I could never give them up, so I can only imagine what God felt giving up His child so that His precious world could be saved.

 God’s love is so big for us; He gave up His greatest treasure.

 3. He Loves Intentionally

Genesis 1:27 says that God created humankind in His image, and if I think about all of the ways the Bible describes how beautiful, pure, holy, and remarkable God is, and take even just a pinch of that splendor, I get quickly overwhelmed with how beautiful God must think I am.

4. He Loves Unconditionally

No matter what happens, He loves us. He loves me. And not because of anything I have done, and especially not because I deserve to be loved, but deeply and wholly because it’s what He is. To Love is innately and unequivocally God (Check out 1 John 4:7-21).

In loving unconditionally, He also loves me unapologetically. He doesn’t hide me. He shows me off, and says what a daughter this one is!

So how can we look in the mirror and see what God sees in us?

We have to be protective and jealous of ourselves, and not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of seeking attention from worldly distractions.

We have to dig deep and listen to God telling us that we are His, and His alone. Sometimes loving myself means “sacrificing” the things we think we love.

We have to look in the mirror past our physical flaws, and yell at ourselves Solomon’s words of “all beautiful you are my, darling, there is no flaw in you!” (Song of Solomon 4:7) and remind ourselves we were made in the image of the Most High King. 

When we see how God loves us, maybe we can show someone else how God loves them, too.

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Samantha Mercedez is an Arkansas Tech University graduate, who is head of the Demand Writing Department for an injury law firm in Charleston, SC.

She's recently married, and mom to one Cat, and loves local coffee shops and road trips -- (while listening to too much 90's music).